Chili Cook-Off

The First Annual Chili Cook-Off went off like a champ! 


First and foremost, my biggest thanks goes to Kelly Hudspeth, Rhonda Nesloney's sister, who gave Laguna Vista Pedernales Bend so much of her time in setting up, tearing down and tallying the ballots.   There was no cheating to be had!!

Above: Rhonda Nesloney and Kelly Hudspeth.

Below: Glenn Zapalac and Barry Bissonnet.  

To my wonderful husband, Carlton Andrews, who always supports my every crazy idea and never blinks when I tell him about another party!  From Movie Night to Chili Cook-Off, he is always ready to go and opening up his haven to our neighbors.  Thank you for waking up early, along with Barry, Rhonda and Dennis to set up the tables and chairs.    

A huge thanks to Barry Bissonnet, LVPB Treasurer, who went above and beyond the call of duty and mowed our lawn on Friday!! Now that was not just neighborly, but down right Texan!!   

A huge thanks to Dominque Douglas and Elaine Herrmann for designing and creating the invitations and wonderful signs seen for the roads!  

And last but not least and accompanied with a huge hug and many thanks to Rhonda and Dominique, for all your hard work in planning. The kids give you their own thanks for sponsoring the kid's table and popcorn machine! 

Next Year, we repeat!  

Martica Andrews, Secretary

Above:  Kelly Hudspeth.

Below: Carlton Andrews and Joe Calabrese 


The biggest thanks to all those that came out to make this such fun!!

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