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LagunaVista Pedernales Bend

Welcome to the Laguna Vista/Pedernales Bend Subdivisions Website.  We are a non-profit community property owners association dedicated by Charter to serve the property owners in the Laguna Vista and Pedernales Bend Subdivisions.  Our Governing Board consists of the President, the Treasurer, and the Association Secretary.  We also have additional members that will become a part of the Executive Board in the near future.  Stay tuned for updates to this site.   You can find more detailed information on the Association in our Documents Section of the website.

We are a community that values both the peaceful lakeside lifestyle and each other as neighbors.  You can keep up with meetings, announcements and planned neighborhood events on the website.  


Thank you and hope you have a wonderful year.

Cindy Baker, President

Mike Lorenz, Treasurer

Vonnie Howard, Secretary

Laguna Vista / Pedernales Bend Property Owners Association


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